Bullet List for the impatient.

  • Break dancer in my youth

  • DJ  Brisbane

  • Singer/Drummer/Dancer — Down Town Brown (Melbourne)

  • Writer/producer -The Calculators (Mushroom Publishing)

  • DJ Oreo Nightclub

  • Solo Artist — Ladyboy

  • Permaculture/Eco Designer, Builder and Landscaper

Love music, who doesn’t?. I wanna write it, dance to it and jam out with it, but we have a looming environmental situation so a while ago I decided that doing nothing but music was an indulgence. A fossil fuel indulgence.  Permaculture came to the emotional rescue. I ran a few eco businesses and started VEG with Dan and Adam and then bought 10 acres of  gold-mine ravaged land to rehabilitate with Belle. Left Melbourne, left VEG. Owner-built my house, started a family and now living off-grid producing a fair chunk of what I need with bugger all debt and a few broken bones. Where was I? Oh yeah music. BACK TO MUSIC!


No one really wants my life story so stop reading.

If you are still here.......


I started break-dancing as a 12 year old and was crazy into it (I still pop-lock on Instagram if you wanna look). Ran some nights at clubs in Brisbane as an 18 yo deejay with 2 mates. Moved to Melbourne at 21 and just practiced drums and dance. Formed the legendary performance band Down Town Brown with Capital T and the Contender. We rocked shows constantly till body parts hurt (think Devo, meets TISM meets Daft Punk). DTB killed it out there and I am happy to say we performed The Big Day Out (band of the day - sucked in Limp Biskit), The Falls Festival, Meredith Music fest and tonnes more. 


I’m a hip-hop, r’n’b songwriter already so the electro disco band had an expiry for me sadly. Next up was OREO - the Hip Hop and RnB nightclub that 8-Bit, Myself and DJ Sunshine put on in Fitzroy for a while and at the same time I formed - The Calculators with Chris, Adam and eventually Ruth. We made a stunning album, got signed and broke up and the album never got released. Classic muso story. Went solo and wrote and performed around Melbourne as Ladyboy. It was a little lonely out there on the scene - just me, my guitar and my MPC so it kind of fizzled and now we are back where we started - eco crusader before people gave a shit and listened to young people like Greta. I wasn't the only one but shit there were not many around. I guess it's the timing more than the message.