Why honey? Well firstly, my golden box  honey is unbelievable, but also, most muso-merch is made via extractive and toxic supply chains—everything from groundwater depletion (cotton) to slave labour. So I figure this natural bee-made sweet goodness from my native forest is a better way to do it. 

The supply is limited (coz if the truth be known it's hard work) but if I can offer the surplus and leave plenty for the bees it's all good. 

I sell it locally (Castlemaine) or at my gigs, in recycled glass jars or new. I don't do plastic. On the net I've decided that I won’t ship internationally (food miles) but if you are in Australia it's yours. (I figure we must allow for a transitional economy to give us a soft landing back to more regional livelihoods.) My Honey Shop is currently closed. Get in touch via email for serious enquiries.


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